Monday, August 13, 2012

Right Above It: 3DNATEE & Azealia Banks

It's official... all of the testosterone filled, homoerotic, terrain of Rapland, is being run by the same crime-families/labels, who dictate to their artists what music is.   I'm over it....really. It all sounds the same, has the same subject matter, same flow, most of which my man, Lil' B satirizes perfectly in his, "Obama Based God" track. When that dude bust out with that "superfragilisticexpialidocious, dump head is car, dump his body in the ocean..." My heart went pitter-patter, cause seriously that's how random it all is. Like my favorite, 3dnatee says, all  they rapping about, is "cash, swag, and ice" .

Meanwhile, the women of rap seem to be rocking entourageless and trying to make a name of their own, on their own. I have two favorites right now, 3dnatee and Azealia Banks. They couldn't be more different as artists, which I think is the strength of what they bring to the game. Azealia Banks is on her Harlem bird in Europe flow and NaTee keeps close to the earth, bringing the beauty, humor, and pain of growing up in New Orleans.

Let me tell you why I'm going hard for these two particular girls. They both speak to something  inside me. Something that is simultaneously new and old, meaning classic, about being a black girl growing up in the city. Specifically, the way you have to fend, defend, and fight for your damn self, yet motherfuckers act offended and surprised that you have something (articulate) to say about it all. Neither of these two women seem to scared to offend, or feel the need to stroke the egos of their male counterparts. Why should they? They are both as brash, vulgar when they want to be,  and supremely talented lyricists. Banks loves tongue twisting lyric to the borders of unintelligibly and 3dNatee comes on raw, no bullshit, delivering her lines, as we would say in the N.O., straight like that.

This isn't a comparison of the two women, because there is none. In a battle I'm a hometown kind of fan, but this is about appreciation. Right now, I am appreciating these young women for putting their voices out there.

Azealia caters to my imagination. I love all that genie witch mermaid shit she be talking. I was a little girl that listened to rap and danced to bounce music at parties, but still liked to play dress up, in my grandma's old clothes and lipstick, dreaming of a land far far away from where I was growing up.When I want to know how I might behave if suddenly I was in Europe, with all my ratchet down South ways, I listen to Banks spit about her new found love of the white boys pursuing her, and talk shit to all the boys back home, who can't believe her skinny black ass  is sitting up in Karl Lagerfield's house. 

When I want to reflect on where I been, and where I want to go, I listen to 3dnatee. She brings me to real life,  and you really can't ask for more from an artist. Honestly, I'm a bit in awe of Ms. NaTee, so wise beyond her twenty-four years. Not since Foxy's, Broken Silence, do I think, a girl has put down such a complete range of emotions and experiences on wax. If you been in through the places she visits in her songs, and even if you haven't, she will truly give you the chills. Plus make you laugh out loud with a kind of humor that could only come out of girl from New Orleans' mouth.

3dnatee released a some bars awhile back on the "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" beat that have stuck with me since I heard them, she said,

I spit the shit for the have nots
the chicks that sit in they stash spots
the dudes who pitch from they crack spots
won't leave to they move the last rock

I shivered...when I first heard that... literally. Cause while it ain't raps, I write stories too and that's who I want to put on the page, because we have a story too, and the lord knows  a lot of these rappers, and these so-called "urban" lit novels ain't telling it. I'm so grateful to a woman like 3dNatee for not being scared to be herself in a world that tells you, you gotta be everything but that.

There are a lot of people who say different, but you know what I think...

I think some people are about to get the shock of their lives...

Black girls are the wave, & we got next,

Bahlee that,



If you haven't  already, download Azealia's, Fantasea and 3dNatee's, The Coronation,
you won't be dissapointed.

A bunch of videos to watch <3 class="more" hr="hr">


Azealia Banks

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Because A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

No Justice No Peace...


Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Azalea/Azaelia By Any Other Name Smells as Sweet?

So I been loving on Azaelia Banks for a little while now. I love that vulgar lil' Young Rapunzel. American born black chick rocking the mic all over Europe, while just as in the days of Josephine Baker, Amerikkka ain't quite ready for her yet. I ain't been feeling the new white girl on the block, Iggy Azaelea, not quite as much. If any body missed Azaelia's beef  with Iggy over her "runaway slave master" comment in her rap, it's an interesting one to consider.

Far more interesting, in terms of its implications about the current culture of hip-hop, than the "to sing or not to sing" battle between Drake and Common. Some true hip-hop discourse about rap music charting its course and the battle for its soul, is being waged by these chicks, if you ask me.

T.I. who is executive-producing Iggy's album recently took to the airwaves to respond to Banks' objections to Iggy and defend her honor. Banks got on Twitter and summed up my thoughts regarding T.I.  perfectly...corny. It's a real long way from trappin' to yappin and nobody is scared anymore.

Before I get called an angry, bitter, black bitch for backing my girl Azaelia's comments, let me say this. Let the lil' girl get her money if people wish to consume. She has an " interesting" look, by interesting I mean, it;s the way black girls and chola girls been rockin' but it is visually provacative on a white body...I guess. So, whoever wants to ride with a white girl playing dress-up can. I'm just not and call me what you will.

If you want me to accept that a white girl from a small coastal town in Austrailia, practicing in the mirror, trying to sound like me, while staring at a Tupac poster till she got it down pat, is the "new classic", as she is referring to herself, I wont.

Fuck that.

And a nigga like Tip can condescend all he wants, he may be fooling some with that annoying ass Father Knows Best act, but not me. I say that shit out of love believe me, because nobody was a bigger fan from I'm Serious to Paper Trail . But I keep it real for whatever that's worth in an age of digitally constructed realities. Shitting on a black girl that Europe is eating up for her wordplay, while hyping this YouTube sensation, this trick-poodle, with the voice and body of a black girl and the packaging of Pam Anderson, is I would say real real fake.

It seems most rap niggas are too pussy to call this type of shit out or too ignorant to care. But I do because hip-hop and black girls are important to me. Plus, I will always love a saucy bitch over one that just sits and nods, anyday no matter what color she is!

And if that's beef then...

Tell your crew don't front...I'm a hoodlum nigga ....
You know you were too once...



Check out the divinely vulgar "212" by Azaelia Banks below, as well as, "D.R.U.G.S". by Iggy Azalea for the lyric that started the beef....

"Come on T.I.... N***** is not scared of u and whatever sh*t u got to say on some radio show," ---> Tweets by a bitch that ain't scary...

I concur.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Greatest Love of All

I remember the first time I saw this video. This song meant so much to a little girl like me. I've gotten my heart broken in this life, but no matter how hurt, it will always remain whole because of you. We will miss you so much, Whitney....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Restoring the Way: Let Our Minds Be the Light

For a Church that sat by silent as thousands of children were abused on a global scale, they sure have a lot to say about women’s uteruses…
--->(My very pissed off facebook status from this afternoon.)


I left the Catholic Church a long time ago. While the mysticism and ritual that I was raised in still spoke to me, man-made fabrications surrounding gender, homosexuality and the like became too much for my soul and my conscious to bear. I knew that if I was to find God, I had to go outside, and see the world of belief that was out there beyond the walls of the Church.

What I found out there was freedom and love and life and the sure knowledge that the Creator, this Force that is greater than me, is also greater than the archaic “rules” of old, celibate, men and greater than Christianity, Catholicism or any other denomination that claims to have the sole rights to its name.

According to the Gospels it is women who stayed at the foot of the cross and women to whom the Resurrection was first revealed. Jesus spoke no words in the Gospels that advocated their exclusion from spiritual realm. I am reminded of Sojourner Truth’s quip to a misogynist, that if he was such a Christian, he’d know that men had nothing to do with Christ. That was God and a mortal woman’s doing.

I am not a Christian but I am calling on Christian women to reclaim their own theology. Two millennia‘s worth of bad translation and ulterior motive make it a necessary and revolutionary act.

The great French philosopher, Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.”

This simple statement may be one of the most powerful realizations of mankind.

Our senses can fail us. We can see, taste, hear and smell in our dreams, yet none of it is reality. But our thoughts we know they are real, whether we are awake, dreaming or anywhere in between and that is how we know we exist.

We do exist and we do think. This is the greatest gifts endowed to us from this Force that is superior to us all. And because I think, I wonder.

What I have been wondering is how long do people remain loyal to an institution that doesn’t serve their interests? How long do you support an agenda that is very actively working against you? How do women that very wholeheartedly believe in birth control reconcile themselves with a faith that says determining how many times you get pregnant is a sin?

How do you square that against the fact that this is the same institution that failed to protect ,aided and abetted, and covered up the abuse of the children women bared under their faith's dictates? How long are you loyal to an institution that now stands in direct opposition to the humanity of women, who are its’ most loyal parishioners?

How long? How long before we realize that God doesn’t dwell in a house built on oppression? How long?

When do we stop being afraid to call bullshit on the bullshit that’s been made up over the years by men in secret rooms?

I say the time is now.

"By those who love her she is readily seen,

And found by those who look for her...
In every thought of theirs,
she comes to meet them."

-Wisdom of Solomon 6:12 and 16




Sunday, January 15, 2012

That's All Folks: Sayonara Tim Tebow and Other Frauds

"Tim Tebow is the most overrated white man since Christopher Columbus"---Marc Lamont Hill

Black folk, we sho nuff love us some White Jesus, don't we?

Now to be fair, America loves him too, but watching my fellow brothers and sisters stan for this mofo is bit too much to bear. The only salve for my wounded heart after the Saints lost to the 49'rs was watching Tim Tebow get his ass handed to him by Tom Brady. Maybe now at least some of you "negroes" we'll see that God doesn't work for white-boys that drop to their knees for endorsement deals."Real" Christians are busy making quiet change in this world with their thoughts, words, and deeds, not  the posture they take before playing a game.

I guess the moral of last night's story is that God doesn't love his homophobic, racist, Focus on the Family son best of all. And that a mediocre quarterback is just that when put against a great one. And shouting Jesus' name million times for all the camera lenses to see ain't gonna change that fact or get you any special favors from the "man upstairs"...

I would venture to say that God has bigger fish to fry than the National Football League.

Black players and quarterbacks have been "playing black" and have damn sure not gotten the credit they deserve in the NFL. So just because an overrated white boy can say Jesus' more times in a sentence than your pastor, dosen't mean you have to support him.
I wonder sometimes if some people even read the Bible they thump so often in public? Doesn't seem like it to me. No doubt, the NFL has and is filled with Christian players. Why aren't they all "tebowing" (we used to have another word for it, I think it was "genuflect", but in the colonial tradition lets name it after Tim.)? Why aren't they all painting bible verses on their faces?

Maybe they checked out Matthew 6:5

"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full..."

Coming up on Martin Luther King Day, I pray for Black people that we learn the nuance of worship and how to approach God with love, instead of fear. Put more stock in action than pomp and circumstance. We been in this country hundreds of years at this point and we just can't let go of that missionary Christianity that was rammed down our throats.

But can't we stop swooning, at least, when white men "praise the lord"?

They jocking our fresh anyway....

Who Dat?

We dat...

Buh-lee-dat !!!



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anyway Though...Sexual Trafficking Has to Go!!!!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I follow the young woman pictured to my left. Andrea Hererra, a.k.a. Katt Stacks , notorious groupie and the thorn in the sides of all the men in hip-hop who had "dealings" with her. One of her most notable "victims" was Soulja Boy, whose crush on her and coke habit were exposed by Katt for the world to see.

We can talk for days about what a" hoe" she is,and the lives she ruins by exposing them and blah blah blah. But not on my blog. I'm just not the kind of broad that sheds tears over stuff like that.

But what I do cry about is the abuse women suffer in the sex industry.

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Human Trafficking, which is a pretty word for slavery, effects millions of men and women across the world. Girls and boys too young to tie their shoes are forced into labor and sexual servitude every day. It is a thirty-two billion dollar industry that we like to pretend dosen't exist or is a "choice" to participate in.

I watched an interview with Katt Stacks that was suppossed to be about getting beat up by some rapper's aunt for the video she made about he and his crew. The interviewer asked what he thought was going to be a simple question.

"Do you consider yourself a prostitute?" he asked.

"Prostitute, hoe, it's all the same to me. I been in this game since I was fourteen."

To this radio DJ's credit, he stopped the presses. Like whoa, this interview just changed. He went on to ask Katt, who is now locked up on an immigration violation, if that is common. Katt kind of laughed, like duh, nigga...where you been?

The interviewer asked Katt, besides money and exposure, what was the best part of making her videos? She told him that in the game, you're raised to shut the fuck-up, keep your eyes and face down and not say shit.  The best part is having a voice and being the perp instead of the victim for once.

Millions of underage girls are forced to sell their bodies for other men's profit every day. The kind of physical and psychological abuse perpetrated on these girls is unimaginable. I challenge these so called "real niggas" in the rap game, dope game, endure what some of these women have been through in their lives.

Women don't walk the track for the hell of it...and its damn sure not for sexual pleasure. The moralistic bullshit has to stop.

We live in a society that says you can be redeemed from anything except whoredom. Once you turn a trick, you're a hoe forever, so you might as well keep on, goes the old saying. So, once a child has child has been victimized , if they are lucky to make out the streets alive, we make shame a life-long condition.

Me for one, am tired of meeting women who could light an entire room up with their smiles and their humor, who bear the deep spiritual understanding that comes from suffering, have to live in fear of ending up dead in somebodies car trunk, or disfigured by their pimps.

It won't stop until we recognize that these women are our sisters, our friends and our daughters.

They are our children that are swooped up and beaten and manipulated and sold to the highest bidder. Until men decide to stop dividing women into categories, those you must respect and those that it is okay to abuse, and until women who have been lucky in life...lucky in that they are the one out four women who isn't sexually abused by adulthood, stop investing in this same thought process..... this sick cycle will continue.

We can't change this world, until we change our minds and decide to save ourselves. Maybe nobody can "save" Katt from herself at this point. But you can save your baby-girl from falling prey. And the way you do that is not by protecting her virginity at all costs, keeping her locked inside, and made fearful of the world.

Love, protection, stability and the knowledge that a woman is more than what is, and whose been between her legs.

We have heads and hearts too...

One Love,