Friday, November 4, 2011

We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

"We Found Love" might be my favorite Rihanna video. Its dark and dangerous but can be beautiful on the other side.When I watch this video, I remember beating the pavement, running the streets of New Orleans, fuckin, fightin, rolling, loving, and surviving a whole host of things we shouldn't have. There were kisses and scraped elbows, smoke sessions on the river, and a few bumped heads from when we lost our balance.

It was the time of my life.....

The True Story of the YoungGypsyChild in the Wild and her best comrade, Slim Streets, also known as Mac, Ghost, Atlas, Iceberg Slim, Tat2 Tim or our Timmy.

One Love
Now. Forever and Always....
RIP 12-4-81 to 11-4-09...

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