Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feelin Good,Livin Better (Mini-Take Care Review)

Take Care. I been listening since the leak. Feeling it...

feeling that is the radical act Drizzy asks us hip-hoppers to do when listening to his music. A big task for us,the "generation of not being in love", of getting what we can and getting up, of getting before getting got--at all costs.

Still, we have feelings and sometimes human beings get hurt in the game. None of us are immune. I certainly haven't been. Drake's music seems always aware of imperfection. That none of us is really wearing a suit of armor around our hearts, some of us are just fake and some of us are real.

There is nothing wrong with a tender heart as long as you keep it all in perspective. On Take Care, Drake still maintains more than a healthy ego during all his pitfalls in life an love. That's how it should be. Don't ever forget who you are or everyone else will too.

People will debate the merits of Take Care, sure, but whether you call it a classic or not...Drake ain't fell off with this one...The album is layered, musically sound and something Maybach music ain't...intimate.

Take Care reflects on lost love and what you do with all that rage in your heart.

You create. You make it.

Do it on 'em. There is always one better than the last asshole you've encountered. Sometimes killing the muse  is what you gotta do to conjure better inspiration..

A broken heart pumps battlejuice,
Back with a vengeance,



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