Monday, October 31, 2011

We Wear the Mask: Show Your Face Today

Its Halloween, definitely my favorite holiday of the year rivalled only by Mardi Gras. I love these two holidays because I believe in the transformative power of masking and unmasking.  How for a day, one becomes the other.

Halloween is an opportunity to get in touch with spirit. The spirits of our ancestors and loved ones, who have gone before. A chance to let loose that inner self that we shut- in most other days.

Today is a day to let go of inhibitions that stop us from being our true selves. Halloween is a day free from judgement, so wear what you want.

Like my headpiece for example. I love it. It's like having jewelery as bangs.  I had another one that I loved even more before Katrina.

Once I wore it to my ex-boyfriend's dad's house. As soon as I walked in my ex cringed and his dad chuckled, trying to rib.

"Were you in a play?" he asked.

"Nah, Kristina just thinks she can live her life like it's Halloween." My ex joined in laughing with his dad. Needless to say, we weren't soulmates.

Wherever he is, I hope he knows, its been a decade and I'm still doing it.

Quite happily.

Do Whatcha Wanna,

Stay vicious




  1. Often times we tend to poke fun at someone that seems different because we lack a true knowledge of our own identity. As you say, we wear masks everyday. Some of us are oblivious, and others intentionally hide thier true self. You are blessed to have known and accepted yourself so young while most others around you search for who they are for a lifetime, and the rest just follow the status quo. I am proud to see one of my sisters be herself. Never stop being true.