Friday, October 7, 2011

If You Were Traitor to the Movement: Blame Yourself Herman Cain!

I am about to do the unthinkable...

I am about to defend Republican, "Clarence Thomas lite", Herman Cain against uber-liberal, self-proclaimed, Socialist commentator Lawrence O'Donnell.

Last night on the Last Word, which airs nightly on MSNBC, O'Donnell and Cain went toe to toe over Cain's lack of participation in the Civil Right's Movement. O'Donnell referred to Cain's book, This is Herman Cain!, in which Cain recounts his father's advice to move to the back of the bus quietly and "stay out of trouble."

 I am the first to say that a man like Cain belongs in the psych ward for aligning himself with the likes of the Tea Party. I borderline question his sanity at times. I mean how does he really feel when he looks at those racist signs, or hears about Camp Niggerhead? What does he see when he looks in the mirrorr?

Those are valid questions from a reporter of any color, however, I resent a white man hammering at the line of questioning Lawrence O'Donnell hit Cain with last night.

Where would black people be if Rosa Parks had followed his advice?
Why were you on the sidelines while your classmates were on the Freedom Rides?

Parents want to protect their children at all costs--even if it costs their freedom sometimes. When Cain's father advised him to "stay out of trouble"--that "trouble" was often death at the hands of the system countless black youth were protesting.

As a white man, Lawrence O'Donnell would not have had to face such a decision in the Jim Crow South. Any participation in the Civil Rights Movement would have been entirely voluntary. And it is the height of arrogance to call a man out for cowardice,who in the sixties, had to choose between his life and their dignity on a daily basis.

I may be projecting but I think in Herman Cain's heart their may be a smidgen of shame that he chose to cover his own hide during that time. This may explain his attempt to represent himself as younger than ripe college age during the Freedom Rides. That shame may explain his antagonistic relationship with the rest of "brainwashed" lot of "us".

Maybe because of this shame, he choses to believe that we are to blame for the current economic climate in America. This shame of a man like Cain  is that he accepts the system as it is, he just wants his peice.There are winners and losers in this game.And Cain knows to the victor goes the spoils. So to a man like him ,better to be the winners' mascot, sleeping in the big house, with the all the good cooking than to be fighting in the fields with the plebes.

I think Lawrence O'Donnell should chill and thank his lucky stars, he never had to trade his soul for a slice of this all-American humble pie.

Foraging through the forrests Niggerhead for my next meal,



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