Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chronicles of An Open Heart: YoungGypsyChild Afternoon Meditation

So it seems that I am waking up from a long,deep, slumber.

Coming up on the second anniversary of my son's father's death, the fog is beginning to lift--I am beginning to see clearly again.

 It is a painful process, not all filled with pleasant discoveries.

Pain is a difficult thing to rid one's self of but easy to mask. Sometimes we seek out people, places or things  to relieve it. I'm not ashamed  to say I've needed salve for my wounded heart .

What I've learned on this journey is that the trick is not to confuse the medicine for the cure.

In that regard--

I am getting stronger every day.

Love is something that resides deep in the human heart. A full and abiding sense of self  love in communion with empathy for others is the only cure for what ails us. For some experiences there is no resolution. I will never be able to "make right" at such a sudden, youthful, loss of life. What I can do is put one foot in front of the other, keep moving toward some destination be it darkness or light.

 I am optimist and I believe that my best days are ahead of me. To all those who shared some of my darkest, whether you knew it or not...

I thank you,



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