Friday, September 2, 2011

Portrait of a Lady :Seeing is Believing

Earlier this week my cousin, the South's resident connoisseur of all things high fashion,sent me the link to a fashion spread celebrating British Asian fashion.

She says when she came across the photos, she immediately thought of me. Our minds must have been working in some sort of familial tandem because when I saw them on her Tumblr, Fancied ,I immediately fell into their world.

Yesterday, My friend M, who shares her brilliant thoughts on these oh-so-hightimes at MevsMarie , sent me a quote to think about. She knows I am a heathen, and that those words are always the prayers my soul needs.

“I wrote the story myself. It’s about a girl who lost her reputation and never missed it”--Mae West

As Mae's words ran through my mind ,I thought immediately about these hands. Beautiful, delicate brown hands, keys resting delicately, yet resolutely in her posession. The arms are crossed indicating she doesn't intend to give them up. A simple yet powerful portrait.

We are in control of bodies, minds, hearts and spirits and speech. Lets stop living like we don't know that. Let's remember what real resistance is, how to be a woman without fear. Something a la Harriet Tubman.

Never compromise the truth you are put here to speak, especially because of what that might do to "the kind of girl you are". The kind of girl who worries too much about what others think is a prisoner to mediocrity.

Today is a sit back and think about it kind of Feminism Friday. Its more about showing rather telling.

Show them that you'd rather be extraordirnary than ladylike...

I know I do,



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