Friday, September 16, 2011

"In This Great Future, You Can't Forget Your Past"

As I've stated in other posts, one of my favorite sayings of the Buddha is this: "If you find truth in any religion, accept that truth." Meaning, just because some wisdom falls outside your denomination or your decision not to partcipate in organized religion, don't feel that you cannot embrace it.

Living life with this principle in mind has allowed ancestor veneration to play an important role in my spirituality. Ancestor veneration asks that we keep our ancestors in the forefront of our minds and that we trust their lives to guide us to and through wisdom in our own.

Because it's Feminism Friday, today's ancestor is Marie Laveau--badass voodoo queen, once called the "most powerful woman in New Orleans."

In today's world, where it is so hard to make it, I look to a woman like her to guide me. Back when there were few ways for a free woman of color to support herself, Marie used the power of the spirits, the power of her mind and her gifted hands to carve out--not only a life but a legacy.

I am on a little hiatus from the rat race right now. I quit my nine to five to focus on graduate school and my writing. I realized that I'd rather create right now than move up. And if that means no malls for a minute --I'm good with that.

I had a great night and a beautiful morning...I opened my door and sat in the sunlight, feeling the breeze and listening to the delicate jingle of my windchimes. While sitting, I said a prayer: Marie Leveau ...Loa, Lost- ancestor , Mother,I ask that you guide my hands--remind me of just how nimble they can be.

And in the quiet of the moment, I am almost certain I heard her voice...

Always, always remember who you are.



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