Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Old Gypsy: Where Y'at Girl?

I am looking for you honey. Maybe not the you, who had two-toned hair and was known to flick a camera off faster than you'd smile...

 I have been channeling a little bit of your fearlessness.Your ability to wander without the lust for it.  Your surety that  all the cool people dug you and those  folk who couldn't, fell in the category of the impossibly lame.

Call it a big -ego, but you looked at it like a security blanket for a cold, cold, world. A world that will chew your identity and spit it out with the quickness if you let it. You have to have something you call your own out here and it's best to start with yourself.

When it comes to dealing with men, before love and broken hearts and especially after, I think Rihanna said it best, "falling like the rain, so we aint running out..."

I see you, lil' young Gypsy...There is a freedom that comes with embracing who you are, experiencing real love. It is the point of no return...

I been off the porch,



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