Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back Down Memory Lane: Love and Struggle Mixtape

I listen to a lot of music. I find it cathartic to reminisce, about what certain songs meant to you, where you  were when you first heard or they first made an impact on you. I love a good hip hop cut where the magic of art meets the hardest of cement realities. I just want to share a few with you all.

I say this is Turk's best verse EVER...5 feet 8 inches tall...my back against the wall. When I hear this song I think about two crazy ass kids in love with one another and lost in the world.

Love is so good when it's sweet. I think Onyx, Bayou Road before Katrina

Oooh baby I like it raw...the best hook EVER...

85% communication non-verbal, 85% swear they know you...10% you know they story, man tha other 5... time'll show you, just know you

Dark Man X... I miss him

I used to say this girl was the NYC Gypsy lol...This is a real ass song...sometimes you just gotta charge it to the game.

Makes it hard to ever love again...but the allure of the game...keeps calling my name.
I'm vibin so don't nobody start a fight...

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