Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm a Love Machine:Why Not Work for Myself? [Morning Meditation]

The school year in New Orleans begins at the height of the summer heat and when the potential for storms, both natural and emotional, are greatest. Since one very real one in 2005,this time of year usually leaves me feeling frenzied and stressed. Yet somehow this year is different-- better, I am determined that it wil,l be. Headed into my second year of grad school, Katrina anniversary just around the corner,my son getting older, my childhood dreams literally keeping up at night--I am somehow calm, somehow steadied.

I am starting this year off with an audacious plan. Call it the," How I Will Maintain My Blog-Take a Fiction Workshop-Raise My Son and - Start Writing the Collection of Essays I Keep Talking About", plan.

And oh yeah, show up for all 40 hours of my work week.

It used to be that the sheer volume of tasks lying ahead,overwhelmed me to the point of zero productivity. However, since I have embraced meditation in my life, I have learned that there is no greater gift than the present moment. Meaning, I pick goals to accomplish in the here and now, not looking too far ahead or behind. I am beginning to move through the day moment by moment and finding myself becoming a much more "accomplished" being. Having a lot of hands in the fire, I have learned to embrace completion rather than perfection.

I will go to work, raise my son, do my schoolwork, write the work that will lead to that book--and I will have fun doing it.

This will be because love is in abundance in my life. Quiet moments of reflection in the morning have allowed me to recognize that. The love shared with my son's father,and what that has meant to the person I am today, transcends this physical seperation of life and death and our son's love is infinite in its capacity. Hope for new love, communion with others--the ability to create-- sustains me .

I will open my arms wide and receive all the tasks this world has for me to complete. I will do it willingly and with an open heart. What other choice is there?

I choose happiness this morning and every morning that follows.

You should go and get your own...

One Love,


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