Monday, July 11, 2011

"You Know You Can't Roam Without Caesar"

"I know it's been a while,Sweetheart, we hard-ly talk, I was doing my thing/
I know I was foul bay-bay,/a-bay late-ly you been all on my brain,/"

Woke this morning to Yeezy on repeat--no doubt, the source of the intersting dream I had been having.

Flashing Lights is one of my favorite songs. Kanye is always playing with the concepts of Darkness and Light in his music. "Innocence versus Experience" and the way that they intersect. Near and dear to mine and To-the's heart--how truly intoxicating the right combination is in a woman. You have to love Rita G's swag in this video...

Pure murder.

Who says Monday can't start off with a bang?

Good Morning

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