Monday, July 25, 2011

"From Prison Bars I Have Flown": Afternoon Reflection

Life comes in seasons and cycles, this is an easy enough observation to make. What is more difficult to grasp is, how do we cope with the pain of mortality? How do we become truly accepting in our hearts, of this non-negotiable fact of life?

How do we rock with the ebb and flow of life and not be thrown off balance?

Afterall,change and the impermanence of life, has been known to put many a strong man on their ass and some bad bitches too. There is nothing like the feeling of thinking, even if you don't have it all figured out, you at least have a plan; then realizing you didn't know shit all along. And not only did God laugh, when you made that silly-ass plan; he may have even snorted a little.

Impermanence,being that I thrive on routine and stability, has been a worthy adversary in my life. Fear of change has caused me to cower in the shadows, stay in the background, always afraid to show my true face to the world. However,there is nothing like death or a natural disaster to make you look change right in the eyes and say,

Its cool, I am not afraid of you. I will Survive...

Its not that acceptance replaces grief or mourning for me. I still shed tears for my lost city, souls and love, but like the old people say,

If you drink your tears, you always be happy again.

Meaning, in life, we just gotta take the bitter with the sweet. To use a little Buddhist advice, one must strive for an open heart. An open heart sees the futility in fighting life's natural condition of suffering and impermanence, and cultivates the value of each moment.

This is only way to know or come close the beauty that is life, even in its most retchid state.

All loves, encounters and experiences are not equal. But being mindful of each one helps to illuminate those that are meant to be exceptional and changing.

An open heart can hold an infinite amount of tears,without breaking beyond repair. It is aware that joy is just on the other side of suffering. And while maybe not a permanent condition,an open heart helps us to recognize that we are happy,right in the moment, when we are. Anyone, blessed to come to this realization, in the midst of an experience, knows how truly joyous this revelation can be.

We can't change the facts--nothing lasts forever. But we can grab hold of those moments of grace with all our might. We may not ever be able to escape pain, but we can learn to bear it. And just when we think we cannot hold anymore, there is an open door.

Life goes on,


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