Saturday, June 25, 2011

What the Water Gave Me: Hue New Orleans

Every artistic journey continues from where we left off and provides an open door into the next one...

I attended the opening of Ayo Scott’s, “Hue New Orleans”, exhibit at the McKenna Museum of African American Art and was struck by this painting, “Creole Welcome Mat”. It is described as a love poem to his wife’s culture and its influence on him through her.

Pieces like, “Royal Street Entrance”, showcase spaces that hold all our secrets and invite us to fall into the world behind their doors. “Royal Street Entrance” and another darker toned piece that is the image of an Uptown home’s front porch, serve as bookends to the dream-like quality of the others.

Doors, windows, porches and balconies factor heavy in Scott’s psychedelic journey through New Orleans. No wonder— as they do, so powerfully, evoke possibility, holding behind them the power to accept or reject the person standing on or before them.

Once we enter that door on Royal Street and fall down the rabbit hole,we experience the love, loss, pain and triumphs of post- Katrina life in New Orleans. This surreal experience ends,in a sense, on a dark Uptown porch and yet another begins…

I look forward to what is to come…

Check out the exhibit running at the McKenna Museum of African American Art,2003 Carondelet St. It runs through July 30th.

"What the Water Gave Me"
Frida Kahlo 1938

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