Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer of Love Part II: Happy Birthday to Me

Love was once described to me, by my son’s father, as a hoop.Love not limited to the temporary, romantic version, but rather the deep and sustaining love, that resides in the universe and transcends the things here on earth. From him I learned the meaning of the phrase, “one love”.

Once we offer that type of love to all those we surround ourselves with, life becomes easier to bare. We can share the best of ourselves with others while preserving and protecting our inner core. We can show love and be shown love in return.

I am twenty-eight years old today and I can sincerely say I have been shown plenty love in my day. Enough, that even those who have hurt or disappointed me, are very much appreciated. Afterall,it has been in my most vulnerable moments that I have gotten the closest to the Divine.

To quote a kindred spirit, "I just want to eat good, drink good and fuck good."

Maybe it can't always be that way but it's sure good when it is. And when it aint, there is joy to found in,as Emily Dickinson called them,"the corridors of our mind",where memory lies.

Nothing can break a spirit like that. So I keep a ferocious heart.