Friday, June 10, 2011

The New Magdalene: Man Down< Rihanna Up

So what is the artistic value in shooting your rapist on film?

The same question was asked of the comedic value of Dave Chapelle shooting a slave master on cable television in 2004. I say, killing the images of those things, like patriarchy and racism, that slaughter our ability to live freely is the duty of an artist of a certain kind. A woman is not her chastity and bondage is an unnatural state for human beings. Our souls desire freedom and our bodies belong to us, ALWAYS.

"Man Down" is an important video and there aren't too many of those being made these days. Rihanna is an artist that raises a point that should not be glossed over or condemned on face value. Sure, we can love our enemies but let's not forget who and what they are. Our flame-haired, firearm-toting, anti- heroine reclaims the power of the Magdalene, refutes her reputation in history as a prostitute, and puts the shame back on her attacker's body.

I agree...instead going lying down, let's lay them down.

Get free...

And because I never get enough of this skit...Dave Chapelle's "Time Haters". Pardon the German subtitles...

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