Monday, June 20, 2011

Love is Stronger than Pride

The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Me, and Senor Xolotl - 1949 (Frida Kahlo)

The old people have a belief:

for every person to whom you offered yourself to truly (in love, friendship, business, etc.), if they have wronged you, you have done them a service. They believe a piece of your good spirit now lingers in them always.

That’s altruism to the highest degree.

While no amount of spiritual generosity or preparation can quite take the sting out of rejection, betrayal, deceit, etc.—this principle can heal the broken heart. Slowly, yes…but surely.

Altruism doesn’t ask that we offer ourselves up willingly to those who intend to hurt us, but it does require that we don’t allow the wrong-doers in our lives to, to paraphrase Ms Lauryn Hill, “worship” the hurt they have caused. We do this by not building any altars in their honor in the first place. It means that we understand and accept that the only person’s acts we control are our own.

What I’ve learned isn’t how not to get hurt by people (still working on that), but that I am not bound to be what I have been treated as—an innocent, criminal, whore, Madonna, victim, the list goes on and on. I define who I am and what I intend to be.

Like my grandpa told me when I was kid and a bit of a will never stop dealing blows, so lose the glass jaw…

Happy Monday.

Stronger than Pride

Cut from Lauryn Hill Unplugged…please ignore the reference to the Illuminati (PLEASE!). This album sucked musically but lyrically unbelievable…

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